The cias torture methods after 9 11

The report alleges that military and cia physicians oversaw the torture of detainees to ensure they didn't suffer severe harm - a phrase that comes from a legal definition of torture, in contrast with the traditional professional responsibility of doctors to do no harm cia medical personnel were tasked. The cia's office of medical services played a critical role in advising the justice department that enhanced interrogation methods, such as extended sleep deprivation and waterboarding, which are recognised as forms of torture, were medically acceptable cia medical personnel were present. In the immediate aftermath of 9/11 we did some things that were wrong critical to the development of the cia's brutal interrogation programme was a legal memo that said the proposed methods of interrogation were not torture if they did not cause organ failure, death or permanent damage.

After his capture, numerous senior bush administration officials erroneously claimed the detainee helped plan the 9/11 attacks and was the no 3 before the start of his most painful and cruel period of torture by the cia, which commenced with the confinement in the large box, abu zubaydah said. The landmark inquiry into the cia's torture tactics has revealed that its post-9/11 interrogation techniques were too brutal and yielded no significant. Report: cia tortured many more prisoners after 9/11, shipped some to gadhafi a report by human rights watch has revealed evidence of far more waterboarding of detainees after 9/11 under the bush administration than had previously been acknowledged, including the cia handing prisoners. The cia's approach to torture after 9/11 using techniques such as water boarding has proven to save lives and prevent future tragedies in spite of common controversy in times of crisis, water boarding acquires the essential lifesaving information in time sensitive situations the cia, commonly thought.

The cia has declassified documents about the brutal interrogation techniques it used on terrorist suspects following the 9/11 attacks the president was consoled by lt col cindy wright of the white house military office aboard air force one after leaving louisiana, the president was flown to offutt. (ap) the senate intelligence committee report on the cia's harsh interrogation techniques at secret overseas facilities after the 9/11 terror attacks is generating strong reactions in the us and around the world that includes a call from a un's human rights and counterterrorism official that cia officers. The cia, the senate intelligence committee said yesterday, had historical experience using coercive forms of interrogation many such methods were used on a cold war-era soviet defector whom a few cia officials suspected of being a double agent they came to light in a congressional. Director john brennan has defended the cia's post-9/11 interrogation techniques but admitted some methods were harsh and abhorrent speaking at cia headquarters, john brennan said some officers acted beyond their authority but most did their duty according to the senate report, brutal.

Six days after the attacks of sept 11, 2001, when president george w bush issued a secret order authorizing the cia to capture and detain terrorism suspects, the agency had interrogation standards that eschewed torture and coercion and yet, inexplicably, the cia turned to torture anyway. The committee study of the central intelligence agency's detention and interrogation program is a report compiled by the bipartisan united states senate select committee on intelligence (ssci) about the central intelligence agency (cia. When the cia first began using its controversial interrogation and detention methods after the september 11th attacks, it reportedly declined to tell the document does not go as far as saying the methods are legally considered torture, but it does reportedly say the senate report categorizes the. The senate intelligence committee is finally releasing its review of the cia's detention and interrogation programs opened in sept 2002, this poorly managed detention facility was the second site opened by the cia after the 9/11 attacks.

Disturbing details of illegal torture techniques used by the us government after the 9/11 attacks were revealed by the central intelligence agency (cia) following a freedom of information act (foia) request from the american civil liberties union (aclu. 11 the cia was unprepared as it began operating its detention and interrogation program more than six months after being granted detention authorities 12 the cia's management and operation of its detention and interrogation program was deeply flawed throughout the program's duration. The interrogation methods, meanwhile, were brutal — the report includes graphic details of near drownings, beatings, and week-long sleep deprivation sessions that sometimes continued after prisoners had begun to hallucinate confusion and poor record-keeping kept cia oversight and. President obama said in blunt terms friday that the united states tortured some folks — describing how a forthcoming report will detail now defunct us interrogation techniques he described as contrary to our values obama said the white house has finished its declassification review of the senate. Cameron admitted things happened after 9/11 that 'shouldn't have happened' on tuesday night, david cameron was facing demands from britons for a full inquiry of our own, into how the blair government were involved in the cia's shameful torture programme.

The cias torture methods after 9 11

Cia director john brennan said that the central intelligence agency's detention interrogation program was instrumental in keeping the united states safe in the aftermath of 9/11 terrorist attacks. After the attacks of 9/11, the cia sought and was granted unprecedented authority to capture al qaeda suspects, whisk them off to secret sites and interrogate them with harsh techniques, including waterboarding the man who ran the interrogation program was jose rodriguez. The question of whether those methods amounted to torture is a historically and legally momentous issue that has been debated for more than a decade news organizations have wrestled with whether to label the brutal methods unequivocally as torture in the face of some government officials' claims.

London— cia intelligence-gathering techniques used in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and detailed in the senate's torture report are contrary to who we are, president barack obama said in an exclusive interview asked whether he agreed with george w bush's view that cia interrogators. Inside the fight to reveal the cia's torture secrets he appeared with an eye patch after he lost his left eye in disputed circumstances under cia captivity in thailand what is not disputed is that the palestinian was subjected to prolonged torture, including 83 bouts of waterboarding in one month. The united states tortured al qaeda detainees captured after the sept 11, 2001 attacks, president obama said friday, in some of his most expansive obama on friday did not mention a specific method, but he said the cia used techniques that any fair minded person would believe were torture. In december, the us senate intelligence committee released a torture report that documented enhanced interrogation techniques used by cia agents authorized by top-level us government officials in the period after september 11, 2001 methods of interrogation described in the report include.

11, 2001 attacks, senate investigators concluded tuesday after al-qaida operative abu zubaydah was arrested in pakistan in 2002, the cia received permission to use agency officials added unauthorized methods, the report says at least five men in cia detention received rectal rehydration.

the cias torture methods after 9 11 Dianne feinstein, chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee and a california democrat, released the controversial and partisan report on tuesday that detailed methods the cia used to question suspected terrorists after 9/11 jack keane torture, cia, feinstein, report.
The cias torture methods after 9 11
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